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I have about 90 books up for trade. To make it easier to search I… - Romance Novel Trading Group

May. 17th, 2004

08:23 am

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I have about 90 books up for trade. To make it easier to search I have made 2 list.

a book with a * is a contemporary romance.
a book with a ^ is a Regency romance in the style of Barbara Cartland.

For romance novels listed by arthur's last name:

Appollo, Annette—The Last One Home*
Ashley, Veronica—Pagan Desires
Bailey, Lynn—Splendid You
Balogh, Mary—More than a Mistress
Carlyle, Liz—The Devil you Know
Chambers, Pamela Quint—Samantha’s Heart
Claybouren, Casey—Cat and the Countess
Cornelius, Kay—Twin Willows
Coulter, Catherine—Rosehaven
Crosby, Tanya Anne—Kissed
De Wolfe, Adriene—Scoundrel for Hire
Drymon, Kathleen—Blaze of Desire
Edwards, Cassie—Passion’s Web
Edwards, Cassie—Portrait of Desire
Fairchild, Elisabeth—Captain Cupid Calls the Shots ^
Feather, Jane—The Widow’s Kiss
Ferguson, Jo Ann—A Brothers’ Honor
Finch, Carol—Mine Forever
Flynn, Connie—The Dragon Hour (time travel)
Graham, Elizabeth—Hayley’s Heart
Grayson, Emily—The Gazebo*
Grayson, Emily—The Observatory*
Greene, Maria—A Lover’s Kiss
Hanlon, Julia—Mine for all Time (time travel)
Heath, Sandra—Playing with Fire ^
Henley, Virginia—Desired
Henley, Virginia—Enslaved (time travel)
Hiatt, Brenda—Ship Of Dreams
Hill, Sandra—The Reluctant Viking (time travel)
Holm, Stef Ann—Forget Me Not
Jackson, Melanie—The Selkie
Jensen, Muriel—Home to You*
Jones, Jill—Emily’s Secret*
Kane, Kathleen—Dream Weaver (time travel, sort of)
Kay Karen—War Cloud’s Passion
Kincaid, Katherine—Sweet Mercy
Kingsley, Katherine—Songs from the Sea
Krinard, Susan—Prince of Shadows*
Law, Susan Kay—The Bad Man’s Bride
Lindsey, Johanna—A Pirates Love
Llewellyn, Michael—Twelfth Night
Macpherson, Selina—A Scandalous Bride
Madden, Mickee—Hope Everlastin’ (really, really strange)
Malin, Jennifer—As you Wish (time travel)
Mckinney, Megan—Gentle from the Night
Mckinney, Megan—The Fortune Hunter
Mead, Juliette—Intimate Strangers*
Michaels, Kasey—The Homecoming
Moore, Kate—A Prince Among Men
Mullins, Debra—Once a Mistress
Novak, Brenda—Of Noble Birth
O’Brien Judith—One Perfect Knight (time travel)
O’Brien, Linda—Courting Clair
Pierce, Barbara—A Desperate Game
Porter, Margaret Evans—The Seducer
Power, Jo-Ann—Never Again
Putman, Eileen—Never Trust a Rake
Quicke, Amanda—Wicked Widow
Robards, Karen—Scandalous
Roberts, Nora—Sweet Revenge*
Rogers, Evelyn—Devil in the Dark
Rogers, Marylyle—Memories of the Heart
Rogers, Rosemary—All I Desire
Savery, Jeanne—A Timeless Love (time travel)
Schurtranz, Vivian—Another Time, Another Love (time travel, teen fiction)
Shankman, Sarah—He was her Man*
Shannon, Colleen—Heaven’s Hero (time travel)
Sherwood, Elizabeth—Louisiana Rose
Small, Bertrice—Deceived
Small, Bertrice—The Spitfire
Wade, Rebbeca—A Wanted Woman
Wainscott, Tina—Dreams of you*

For a list of titles
A Brother’s Honor—Jo Ann Ferguson
A Desperate Game—Barbara Pierce
A Lover’s Kiss—Maria Greene
A Pirates Love—Johanna Lindsey
A Prince Among Men—Kate Moore
A Scandalous Bride—Selina Macpherson
A Timeless Love—Jeanne Savery (time travel)
A Wanted Woman—Rebecca Wade
All I Desire—Rosemary Rogers
Another Time, Another Love—Vivian Schurtranz (teen fiction/time travel)
As you Wish—Jennifer Malin (time travel)
Blaze of Desire—Kathleen Drymon
Captain Cupid Calls the Shots—Elisabeth Fairchild^
Cat and the Countess—Casey Claybouren
Courting Clair—Linda O’Brien
Deceived—Bertrice Small
Desired—Virginia Henley
Devil in the Dark—Evelyn Rogers
Dream Weaver—Kathleen Kane (time travel, sort of)
Dreams of You—Tina Wainscott*
Emily’s Secret—Jill Jones*
Enslaved—Virginia Henley (time travel)
Forget Me Not—Stef Ann Holm
Gentle From the Night—Megan Mckinney
He was her Man—Sarah Shankman*
Heaven’s Hero—Colleen Shannon (time travel)
Home to You—Muriel Jensen*
Hope Everlastin’—Mickee Madden (really, really strange)
Intimate Strangers—Juliette Mead*
Kissed—Tanya Anne Crosby
Louisiana Rose—Elizabeth Sherwood
Memories of the Heart—Marylyle Rogers
Mine For All Time—Julia Hanlon
Mine Forever—Carol Finch
More Than a Mistress—Mary Balogh
Never Again—Jo-Ann Power
Never Trust a Rake—Eileen Putman
Night Whispers—Karen Sandler (ghost)
Of Nobel Birth—Brenda Novak
Once a Mistress—Debra Mullins
One Perfect Knight—Judith O’Brien (time travel)
One Wild Night—Barbara Dawson Smith
Pagan Desire—Veronica Ashley
Passion’s Web—Cassie Edwards
Playing With Fire—Sandra Heath^
Portrait of Desire—Cassie Edwards
Prince of Shadows—Susan Krinard
Rosehaven—Catherine Coulter
Samantha’s Heart—Pamela Quint Chambers
Scandalous—Karen Robards
Scoundrel for Hire—Adriene de Wolfe
Ship of Dreams—Brenda Haitt
Songs from the Sea—Katherine Kingsley
Splendid You—Lynn Bailey
Sweet Mercy—Katherine Kincaid
Sweet Revenge—Nora Roberts*
The Bad Man’s Bride—Susan Kay Law
The Devil You Know—Liz Carlyle
The Dragon Hour—Connie Flynn (time travel)
The Fortune Hunter—Magan Mckinney
The Gazebo—Emily Grayson*
The Last one Home—Annette Appollo*
The Observatory—Emily Grayson*
The Reluctant Lord—Teresa Des Jardien
The Reluctant Viking—Sandra Hill (time travel)
The Seducer—Margaret Evans Porter
The Selkie—Melaine Jackson
The Spitfire—Bertrice Small
The Widow’s Kiss—Jane Feather
Twelfth Night—Llewellyn Michael
Twin Willows—Kay Cornelius
War Cloud’s Passion—Karen Kay
Wicked Widow—Amanda Quick

For a collection of Short Stories
Magical Kittens:
“The Reluctant Warlock” by Donna Bell
“The Black Kitten” by Catherine Blair
“A Cat By Any Other Name” by Joy Reed

As You Wish
“Wishful Thinking” by Jane Feather
“The Blackmoor Devil” By Patricia Coughlin
“The Natural Child” by Sharon and Tom Curtis
“Bewitched” by Elizabeth Elliott
“Forever” by Patricia Potter
“The Unwanted Bride” by Suzanne Robinson

A Dance With The Devil
“The Wager” by Rexanne Becnel
“The Haunting of Sarah” by Anee Logan
“Out of the Night” by Deborah Martin
“The Monk” by Megan Mckinney

Be My Valentine
“Cupid’s Arrow” by Constance Hall
“Meg’s Secret Admirer” by Cheryl Holt
“One Special Night” by Jackie Stephens

Miscellaneous books for trade:

Abrahams, Peter—Last of the Dixie Heroes
De Camp, L. Sprague—The Reluctant King
Gabaldon, Diana—Dragonfly in Amber (some loose pages)
Hanna, Lynn—The Starry Child
Koontz, Dean—False Memory
Pelt, Katie Van—Potty Training Your Baby
Saul, John—The Right Hand of Evil (damage to cover)

Dragon Lance: War of the Twins, Vol. 2 by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman

My Wish List:

Patrick O'Brain
Nina Bang
Megan Mckinney
Barbara Cartland
Jo Beverley
Bertrice Small

Anything to do with or written by Joshua Chamberlains
Anything to do with the American Civil War; esp. Romance novels
Romance novels about Pirates and/or sailing
Time Travel Stories
Ghost Stories

Diana Gabaldon's Fiery Cross
C.S. Forester's Beat to Quarters

If you see something you like and want to trade e-mail me at: yellowbirdflying2003@yahooo.com


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Date:May 18th, 2004 01:51 pm (UTC)
I have a Meagan McKinney (When Angels Fall) and a Jo Beverley (The Dragon's Bride) on my TBR pile. If I decide I don't want to keep them, should I reserve them for you? (I would read them right now, but I have a library book out, so I'll read them as soon as I'm done with that). I'm interested in The Lady in Question by Victoria Alexander and On a Wild Night by Stephaine Laurens, if we decide to do a trade.

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